When Donna embarked on her pilgrimage back in July 2002, she pledged to write along the way and share the stories of her experiences. It was then she left her job and became a Pilgrim and Storyteller.


What began as a small e-mail list of a dozen or so interested friends and family has grown into a 600-strong Yahoo group called ThePilgrim. Its members are from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries and the stories are forwarded on to thousands more.


ThePilgrim stories have been published in newspapers, journals and magazines around the world as well as countless websites.


The stories are available here with the most recent posts first. So if you want to follow the pilgrimage journey from the beginning in chronological order, read from the bottom up.


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Back home / Pine Gap late 2005

1. Opposing Terrorism


Turkey Creek-Warmun, Western Australia (September 2005)

1. Natural disaster in New Orleans, same, but man-made, in Iraq

2. Want to help New Orleans? Camp Casey III is there

3. White-fella’s curse, black-fella’s remedy


USA: Camp Casey – outside George Bush’s Ranch, Crawford, Texas (August 2005)

1. Coming to America – where everything is big, including resistance

2. Cindy Sheehan update, her e-mail address and a sister’s poem

3. The Cindy Sheehan Phenomenon – A Camp Casey diary

4. I’m heading to Camp Casey

5. Welcome to Camp Casey!

6. Life at Camp Casey, Crawford

7. Delivering messages to Cindy

8. I chose Stacey Brandon

9. No road long enough – a recent report of Iraq’s suffering


Back home (May 2005 – July 2005)

Australian Story

Tribute to Marla – American hero   


Palestine (December 2004 – April 2005)

Three Christmases here – none in Iraq

The Pilgrim list – what is it?

Letter to my mother from the Holy Land – the border

Elections in Palestine – what has changed?

House arrest in Palestine

Saida Village – day five of occupation

Saida Village – latest news and pics

Moving around in Palestine

Peace Words

Letter to my mother 2 – the search

Palm Sunday – freedom of worship

Palm Sunday – freedom denied

My mate Mordechai

Figure it out…


Iraq (third visit, November – December 2004)

My plans, insha’allah

The corkscrew, the red-zone and the certified terrorists

Letter to the Prime Minister

The sounds of Baghdad

The full moon shines over Baghdad too

My safety

Good news in Baghdad

Music Room – Peace Bird Art School

Lives in chaos – petrol

The petrol queues – pics

Today’s adventure

Adventure – part 2

Peace Bird Art School – art room pics

Lives in chaos – worrying about the essentials

Lives in chaos – kidnappings

Connections in the art room

Fallujah horror – pictures

Looking for Satan

Creativity… and the ceramics room

Fallujah – the refugee disaster; it’s not a natural disaster

Saddam captured – one year on – what has changed?

The boys and the rabbits

Refugee work – reports and pics

Human beings – from Toowoomba to Fallujah

The Baghdad sunset and goodbye


Australia (May 2004 – November 2004)

Providing balance…Our Home – Iraq report

“What have you done to us George Bush?” Reflections on the new Iraq from someone who was there

What Iraqi students think

The Italians, the cries and the questions…

Kidnap update you won’t hear

Baby Noura – update

Message from a soldier in Iraq, but first…

False claims on Iraq. The response: truth and humanity

A private letter from Baghdad

Want to make a difference?

Messages of peace

Thoughts from Iraq – two perspectives

Election results – why I’m not fazed


Iraq (second visit, December 2003 – May 2004)

Back in Baghdad

Our Home – Iraq


Saddam captured – what has changed?

Baby Noura

Bomb in my backyard

Christmas Eve

Christmas day in Baghdad

A miracle and a star

Escape to the new house

Pete the clown’s view

The prodigal son



The Project

Dahr’s story on the work of Childhood Voices

My friend, a prison cell and our humanity

Three days of mourning

Praying for justice

Taking action for justice

One year on – the solution?

Peace Prayers

Miracle of Peace


Dark days – Fallujah

Jesus and Fallujah

Fallujah – shot at, captured, but okay!

The road to Fallujah

Fallujah 1 – shots in my direction

Pictures from Fallujah under siege

Fallujah 2 – silent victims, noisy cease-fire

Fallujah 3 – Message from the Shiekh

Fallujah 4 – Captured

Fallujah 5 – Interrogation

Fallujah 6 – Kindness

The Rainbow – Peace Bird Art School

Fallujah 7 – The Roadblock

You know you’re in Baghdad when…

Fallujah 8 – Home! and humanity

Fallujah refugees – their story

Pics from the refugee camp

Sarah’s view

What is the sin of these children?


Iraq (first visit, February 2003 – April 2003)

The road to Baghdad


Meet Arean

Life as a human shield

Press Release: Australian human shield puts John Howard on notice

Oh, brother!


The countdown in Baghdad

High alert, but life goes on

Prayers on the River Tigris

Open letter to Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer

Preparing for war

War diary 1 – the attack starts

War diary 2 – surreal

Touching base

War diary 3 – ‘Shock and awe’ and post-missile syndrome

War diary 4 – Solidarity

Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon in Baghdad

War diary 5 – Unborn lives lost

War diary 6 – Will the next one hit us? Under siege

War diary 7 – Signs of life and resilience

War diary 8 – Finding peace

War diary 9 – Decisions

War diary 10 - Lives destroyed

War diary 11 – Success of the mission…

War diary 12 – Goodbye Nora

War diary 13 – Blood in the marketplace

War diary 14 – Rag doll and prayers

War diary 15 – Thoughts of a Baghdad family

War diary 16 – The road to Jordan

Thoughts of a human shield from a hotel room in Jordan

Liberation – another perspective…

Palm Sunday March speech


Tibet (September – December 2002)

Dizzy in Tibet – the rooftop of the world

King of the Mountain

Everest – the expedition

Everest – the adventure

Spin that Wheel!

Everest – the aftermath

A day in the life of Tingri, the one-yak town

Get ME to a nunnery!

Tidrum Nunnery – the place

Tidrum Nunnery – the people

All is vanity

The authorities

Tantalising Tidbits about Tibet


Anyone for Buff Stroganov?

Bridge over troubled waters

Enlightenment ‘n’ stuff

Bringing the nunnery home

The politics of Tibet


Alaska/Canada (August 2002)

Canada: Multi-nationals and my fast-food challenge!

Life without a mobile…

Welcome to Alaska – big and beautiful!

The call of the wild

My Alaska experience and Wayne Fu Kung Fu

Salmon: life, death and tenacity

The Rockies and Humphrey B Bear

Montreal and a monk’s vows

Niagra Falls: beautiful and grotesque